ISCC 2009 Tutorials

The following six tutorials have been proposed for ISCC 2009. A maximum of four most popular tutorials, each with a minimum of five registrations will be offered. Those who register for a canceled tutorial will have the opportunity to either receive their money back or change their selection to one of the running tutorials. Please check the ISCC website by April 30, 2009 for the final list of the offerings.

  1. Outlier Detection: Principles, Techniques and Applications, Dr. Sanjay Chawla
  2. Challenges in Network Virtualization, Dr. Omar Cherkaoui
  3. Cooperative Vehicular Communication: A Top-Down Overview, Dr. Fethi Filali
  4. Mobile Network Cooperation at Its Best in Beyond 3G: Network Composition, Dr. Roch Glitho
  5. Understanding LTE, Drs. Hossam Hassanein and Najah Abu Ali
  6. Adaptive Techniques in Wireless Networks: Theory and Practice, Dr. Mohamed Ibnkahla